Sunday, June 12, 2005

okie so i don't have much to post. i ran into this accidently because i liked a web ring button. i found an ant in my coffee today and i'm really grossed out. i get grossed out easily....

lets see... what have i been up to lately?

i make lots of stuff, out of lots of different mediums. i'm scatter brained, compulsive, impulsive and i get distracted easily. one thing is for sure... i don't like doing nothing!!! i'm always up to something.. i like to keep the brain juices flowing.. you know?

i spend lots of thime thumbing thru the stitch and bitch book. i like some of the patterns but some i think are way cheesy . i also don't like spending $$$ on really exspensive yarn... but i don't like crappy yarn... maybe i'm a yarn snob? na.. i just ... well.. i dunno... maybe. okie so i get nervous when a pattern calls for 8 skeins of yarn. oh yeah and i don't like that i have to go to a super freako snooty patooti yarn store to get the right length circular needles... if anybody has suggestions on that please lemme know(the old ladies don't like me because i have a lot of gorey tattoos). the super duper giant craft stores around here only carry 29" ones.... boo. did i mention that i bitch alot?

so i made this bunny.. one of the few things that i have made from the stitch and bitch book.


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