Thursday, December 29, 2005

scarf time

i just finished it last nite.. i was hoping to make it in time for x-mas but i failed. i'll post it on etsy and if a birthday comes first and its still scarf time you can guess what will become of it!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

needle felting

this is one of many attempts at needle felting.. i'm no good at it.. i got lucky this time around!

bored time at work..

it's a good thing i get to play with hot wax and metal all day!

!merry christmas!

must update etsy shop!

i have to mention that etsy has been working out really well for me.. you should try it!
things just keep on selling and now its my own fault that nothing is going now because there ain't a thing left!
here is what i plan to post within the next few days.. ha.. we'll see.'s yellow sister.. cuz the white one went in a wonderful trade to ysolda!

there's more but my camera batteries are a chargin'

whew.. eek a month has gone by!

sorry guys for i am a super geek slacker. i haven't made a single present and i'm really disappointed about that. i've been making crochet blocks for my blanket until my hands fall off. i started a sari scarf but.. i haven't finished it.. yet.
ooh, i am making a journal for a gift but that doesn't need to be done till new years.. so pictures of that next weekend for sure!
i've been meditating, channeling.. or trying to.. and wrapping presents that i bought at the damn store.. shame shame.
here is a picture i drew.. scribbles.. i draw like i'm 2.