Sunday, January 15, 2006

hand quilting with cats

  • i love this book its great! i started a quilt on january 2nd and i'm nearly done. my original plan was to make the pie in the sky
    but i was completely intimidated by the pieces when i went to cut the fabric so i just began stripping.. eek!

    here are the helpful boys on my strip quilt.. i was in the process of moving the hoop so i can continue quilting.. hand quilting gets old after awhile!
    ..... i think they knew that their pictures would end up on the internet and thats why i got all these wonderful fancy poses!


    Blogger Queen Lime Green said...

    WOW Renee! That is AWESOME!!!! You're inspiring. I want that book now.
    But school started yesterday which means that I suck from now to mid-May. Wah.

    11:39 AM  

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