Sunday, February 26, 2006


well.. i signed up for school..finally.
i have chosen graphic arts/printing and i shall be finished in 2 years or less.. whoo-hoo!
so that idea has kept me busy with doodles and designs and here is the first print out of the latest sketch book entry
which is now available on
  • etsy
  • .. i'm hoping people love it

    so now i'm of to cut some fabric because monday is creeping in and i have a jammed packed week ahead of me..
    3 doctor visits.. i try not or have not mentioned that i am a very sick girl, a hair appointment.. rare, very rare.. and my mediumship class starts this week too!


    Blogger Queen Lime Green said...

    Good for you! You can do it - and kick ass at it!!!
    Love the cat!

    (the etsy link isn't working)

    12:12 AM  
    Blogger LittleMissMeshell said...

    Oh my gawsh, I adore that cat! That's one of the best cat things I have ever seen (and I love my cats!) :) You will be a star in your course! Awesome blog...when I have some money I will surely take a stroll through your Etsy store.
    MissMeshell from craftster xx

    11:43 PM  
    Blogger nico said...

    hey renee yeah go do it school! printing is fun hey? i dont think i got enough out my printing class ie. i didnt have enough drawings :P hope to finish my degree before im 30 cough hey i didnt know you were a sickie, hope your doc visits go well...

    ps. whats mediumship???

    pps. the bendy spoon art yay

    2:33 PM  
    Blogger renee said...

    a medium talks to dead people... i think i have lots of them around me because strange things are happening. i decided i should learn how to communicate because if i don't i'm gonna go nuts!

    so far dr. appointemnts are going well.. cardiogram looks good.. YAY!!!
    they shoved a tube down my throat and took samples of my stomach..eek, lets just hope i'm not allergic to wheat!!
    next week is the colonoscopy.. you know thats gonna be fun.. ew.
    i have a connective tissue disease.. possibly rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, but it causes all sorts of issues.. hence all these annoying tests..yikes!

    4:44 PM  

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